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Acra 1020HS Automatic Surface Grinder


TypeVertical Machining Centers
TableL 20"
Weight3,740 LBS
titleAcra 1020HS Automatic Surface Grinder

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  • Price:$3,400
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  • Region:West
  • Condition:Used
Standard Equipment Grinding Wheel Diamond Wheel Dresser Wheel Balancing Stand Wheel Balancing Arbor Wheel Flange Leveling Screws & Plates Flange Extractor Halogen Light Specifications Table Size: 10" x 20" Max. Table Travel: 11 1/2" x 24" Max. Surface Ground 10" x 20" Dist. From Table To Spindle Center: 25" Grinding Wheel Size (Dia x Width x Bore): 8" x 1/2" x 1 1/4" Table Speed Per Minute: 16'~82' Table Guideway: F-V Auto Cross Feed Increment: 0.004"~0.5" Cross Feed On Hand Wheel (rev./gra): 0.2"/0.001" Micro Feed On Crossfeed (rev./gra): Optional 0.004"/0.00005" Micro Feed On Vertical (rev./gra): Optional 0.001"/0.00005" Rapid Power Head Elevation: Optional Auto Down Feed (Optional): Step Motor 0.0001"~0.0999"/Time Vertical Feed On Hand Wheel (rev/gra): 0.05"/0.0002" Grinding Wheel Speed: 3500 RPM Spindle Motor: 2 HP Hydraulic Pump Motor: 1HP Auto Cross Feed Motor: 1/5 HP Rapid Head Elevation Motor (Optional): 1/5 HP Table Load: 550 LBS Net Weight: 3,320 LBS Shipping Weight: 3,740 LBS Dimension (L x W x H): 84" x 59" x 85"

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