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Hardinge CHNC-I CNC Lathe


TypeCNC Lathes
ControlCNC (Fanuc OT )
BarCapacity1.6 inch
Power10 HP
MaxRPM5000 RPM
TurningDia8 inch
Swing14 inch
Weight6,000 lbs
Length91.5 inch
Width65 inch
Height66 inch
titleHardinge CHNC-I CNC Lathe

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Available Machine # Ez65005

  • Stock#:Ez65005
  • Price:Call
  • Year:1986
  • Region:Midwest
  • Condition:Used
EQUIPPED WITH Fanuc OT Control, Auto Splash Guard, Air Operated Draw-bar Complete Documentation SPEC SHEET Spindle: Spindle Type: ANSI A2-5" Hole Through Spindle: 1-3/4" 16C Collet Capacity: 1-5/8" Step Chucks Capacity: 6" Power Jaw Chuck (Gripping Capacity): 5" Expanding Collet Capacity: 3" Spindle Speed Range (1-rpm steps): 50 - 5,000 rpm AC Spindle Drive (continuous duty): 7.4 Horsepower AC Spindle Drive (max, intermittent duty 135% power rating): 10 Horsepower AC Spindle Drive (max, intermittent duty 162% power rating): 12 Horsepower Capacities: Maximum Swing Over Bed: 14" Maximum Threading Diameter: 8" Maximum Turning Diameter: 8" Maximum Fixture Diameter: 9" Maximum Allowable Weight on Spindle (Including Workholding Device): 75 lbs. Turret: Number of Stations: 8 Square Tool Size (Standard): 1/2" Round Tool Diameter (Standard): Up to 3/4" X-Axis Travel: 4-1/2" Z-Axis Travel: 12" Maximum X-Axis Traverse Rate: 200 ipm Maximum Z-Axis Traverse Rate: 400 ipm Maximum Distance from Turret Face to Spindle: 12-1/2" Indexing Time (Station 1 to 8): 2 Seconds Indexing Time (Station-To-Station): 1 Second Miscellaneous: Least Input Increment: 0.00010" Least Command Increment: 0.00010" Compressed Air Requirement: 70 Min. to 90 Max. PSI / 5 to 6 SCFM Maximum Recommended Ambient Operating Temperature: 113 DEG. F Coolant Sump Capacity: 30 U.S. gallons General: Electrical: 230/440 Volt, Three Phase, 50/60 Hz Overall Dimensions: 87" x 63" x 65" tall

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