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Matsuura MAM-600HF Horizontal Machining Centers


TypeHorizontal Machining Centers
X23.6 inch
Y23.6 inch
Z24.6 inch
Power20 hp
RPM8000 rpm
PalletW15.75 inch
PalletL15.75 inch
ControlCNC (YASNAC I80)
sellerspecBRNLPallet Size 400 mm BRNLNumber of Pallets 27 BRNLMax Workpiece Weight 881 lbs BRNLMax Workpiece Height 23.62” BRNLMax Workpiece Width 23.62” BRNLTravels: BRNLX-Axis Travel 23.62” BRNLY-Axis Travel 23.62” BRNLZ-Axis Travel 24.6” BRNLB-Axis Travel 0.001 Degree BRNLSpindle Taper JIS B 6339 40T BRNLSpindle Speed 15,000 RPM BRNLSpindle Torque 146 ft-lbs BRNLTool Changer 240 per machine BRNLRapid Traverse Rates (XYZ) 944.8 IPM BRNLCutting Feed Rates (XYZ) 393.7 IPM BRNLMax. Tool Length 13.78” BRNLMax. Tool Diameter 5.91” BRNLMax. Tool Weight 22 lbs BRNLMachine Weight 24,250 lbs per machine Equipped With: BRNLYasnac i80 Control BRNL27 pallet cell stocker with Fanuc cell control BRNLWork load stations (Qty.2) BRNL1000 PSI high pressure coolant through spindle (ChipBlaster) BRNL4th axis with scale feedback BRNL240 tool magazine per machine BRNLCoolant shower system BRNLManual pulse generator BRNLLift-up chip conveyor system with expanded tank and pumps BRNLIn-process measure and broken tool detect with macro and skip function G31 BRNLExpanded memory to 2Meg BRNLAuto power on/off weekly timer BRNLC-type cornering control BRNLProgram copy G25 BRNLHelical interpolation G02/G03 BRNLCircle cutting G12/G13 BRNLUnidirectional approach G60 BRNLWork coordinate G54-G59 system – 162 sets C BRNLScaling function G50/G51 BRNLHole pattern cycles G70/G71/G72 BRNLCoordinate system rotation G68/G69 BRNLUser Macros BRNLMulti window editing BRNLAdditional program numbers - 299 BRNLAdditional tool offsets - 1199 BRNLSkip function A-G31 BRNLMulti active register BRNLLocal coordinate system G52 Q2 BRNLCanned cycle B BRNLCommon variable 300 sets BRNLExpanded editing function BRNLAll available manualsAbout the SellerView Company's Info Photos (1)Email this listing to an associateMore on this modelTo view more information on the MATSUURA MAM-600HF, including reviews, brand information, photos, videos, and more, click here.
titleMatsuura MAM-600HF Horizontal Machining Centers

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